AC Replacement

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Is it time for you to get a new air conditioner? 
The first thing you should do is have one of our trained technicians evaluate how efficient your current system operates. 13 SEER is the minimum efficiency level in the United States mandated by the U.S. Department of Energy . Running a Air Conditioner with a SEER lower than 13 it may be time to make the investment in a new unit. 
SEER units determine your energy costs and how much you can save on your utility bills. A newer AC unit will usually operate with a high efficient system which can save you on average 40% on your energy costs. An Air Conditioning Unit that is 7 years and older will more than likely not meet the modern requirements.
If your Air Conditioning unit meets the requirements but does not operate or you suspect it may not be operating properly you should have an trained technician inspect your AC unit. Our tech’s can give you a clear evaluation and explain your options. If a replacement its necessary, we recommend purchasing our higher end brands for their reliability and quality. We will work with your budget and offer financing.
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