Heater Repair

Next time you need your Heater, Furnace, or other parts of your Heating System repaired hire a Triple Tech Service expert.

Keeping your heater maintained and making prompt repair is necessary to keep your home comfortable and safe from damage. Your heater is very vital to your home, not only does it produce but it also pushes the heated air throughout you ventilation. Older and modern heating systems that use oil, gas or electricity wear and tear the same. It is expected that after many hours of operation a furnace will need to be replaced or need repair services.

There may be many factors that determine why a furnace is not functioning properly. We have the experience and knowledge to find the problem and figure the best way to fix your heater. We know the importance of heat during the cold months.
Give Yourself Peace Of Mind
Triple Tech Services provides all the maintenance services your heating system will need. During the cold months its important to keep regular maintenance on your heating system. Making sure your furnace is functioning properly is vital during the harsh winters. You wouldn’t run your car with the same oil forever, for the same reasons you wouldn’t want to run your furnace without maintenance. Regular maintenance is preventive maintenance, you are also more likely to make small repairs.
From tune ups to repairs you can count on Triple Tech Services to service all your heating and cooling needs. We stock Energy Star® rated heating systems, that means as much as 30% more savings on heating.
Knowing When It’s For A repair
You will be need a repair if your are have any of the problems listed below
  • No heat in one or more locations
  • Detection of a funny smell/gas odor
  • Pilot light is out
  • The furnace is making odd noises (squealing/rumbling)
  • The furnace runs constantly
  • The system cycles on and off rapidly
  • Circuit breaker/fuse controlling the furnace is tripped/blown
  • Thermostat not working
  • Blower fan continues to run
It’s always better to play it safe when your talking about appliances that run on fuels like natural gas, propane and other flammable fuels. Playing safe means getting those appliances inspected or diagnosed. It is important to aware what parts of your heating system need to be updated or replaced. Triple Tech Services will always offer the best solution for your home. Our HVAC technicians have been in the business for many years and are lead by the best.
Some of the services where we excel below
  • Obtaining state/local permits for residences and businesses
  • Repair of all major brands
  • Ventilation and insulation
  • Post-repair inspections
  • Emergency services
  • Free Estimates


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