Surge Protection

The electrical panels core purpose is to control how the electricity in your home circulates.

In case you didn’t know:
  • There were 114,740 insurer-paid lightning claims in 2013*
  • The Average Paid Claim was $5,869*
  • The average cost per claim rose nearly 122% from 2004-2013…due to huge increase in the number and value of consumer electronics in homes.
  • And many standard home insurance policies don’t cover power surges or lighting strikes*
*NFPA 2014 Report: Data Assessment for Electrical Surge Protection Devices
How Surge Protection Works In Your Home
Residential surge protection helps homeowners protect their homes and is very often considered an insurance policy for the contents in your home. It protects the electronic equipment in your home including appliances, computers, electrical systems, home entertainment systems, life Aid equipment, and any other technology that requires to be plugged in.
Electronics that are at risk: 
  • Televisions & Computers; Washers & Dryers; Refrigerators
  • Anything Connected to Outlets; Smart Phones; Tablets; Laptops
  • Security Systems; Fuse Boxes
You can hire triple tech services to have a electrician assess your home and offer guidance on safeguarding your home from a lightning and power surge.


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