Ceiling Fan Installation

It’s important to understand what ceiling fans compatible with your home before purchasing one.

Installing the right size fan 
Start by figuring out the size of the ceiling fan and the size of the room where it will be installed. So size of the fan will be measured in inches. If you’re installing a fan in a small room (8’ x 10’) then a 30 inch fan is best. 42 inch ceiling fans should be installed in medium sized rooms (12’ x 12’) and large rooms (18’ x 20’) should have about a 52 inch ceiling fan.
Ceiling Fan Installation & Wiring
Safety comes first, these are some guidelines to go by. A ceiling fan should never be installed above a bed. When measuring out how far the blades should be from the ceiling, it should measure 8 inches away. Check to make sure that the fan will hang 8 to 9 feet from the floor and at least 18 in from the nearest wall. Call and talk to a triple tech service technician to have a license electrician install your ceiling fan properly.


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