Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality problems are a result of gases and particles in the air. It’s important to keep your home free of indoor pollutants.

What You Can’t See In The Air
Factors like humidity levels and high temperatures can cause these pollutants to not ventilate out of your home properly. It is important to understand how these pollutants can affect your health and the quality of air in your home.
Commonly found pollutants:
  • Biological debris, dust mites, and pet dander – which can all cause respiratory irritation and trigger asthma attacks
  • Volatile organic compounds – chemicals found in paints and lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning supplies, varnishes and waxes, pesticides, building materials and furnishings, office equipment, moth repellents, air fresheners, and dry-cleaned clothing
  • Combustion pollutants – derived from improperly vented or unvented fuel-burning appliances such as space heaters, wood stoves, gas stoves, water heaters, dryers, and fireplaces.
  • Carbon monoxide – colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly
  • Nitrogen dioxide – colorless, odorless gas causes respiratory irritation and increases risk of infection
  • Secondhand smoke – a result of burning tobacco products. It is the cause of serious respiratory illnesses
Breathing Cleaner Quality Air  
The proper way to remove any pollutants in the air or reduce the amount of pollutant causing factors is accomplished by:
  • Proper ventilation – increase the amount of fresh air that is brought indoors.
  • Change filters regularly to trap dust and other pollutants
  • Adjust humidity to a proper level
You Can Take A Deep Breath 
We have the equipment and are prepared to deploy equipment that dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and filters your indoor air. We can also test your ducks and replace any parts of your ventilation system to make sure that they operate efficiently and properly.

Whole House Dehumidifier 

We can install a Whole House Dehumidifier system that improves the quality of air in your home. We are your local expert HVAC service company.

High outdoor humidity levels can become overwhelming and even more overwhelming when they are high indoors. At times your air conditioning unit may not be able to keep your home free of humidity. But an air conditioning system paired with a dehumidifier does an effective job of keeping your air quality comfortable.

Why A Dehumidifier Make Sense
A dehumidifier can be a valuable asset to any homeowner. One good reason to own one is for it’s benefits to those who suffers from allergies or asthma. When it is removing humidity from the air it is also making it more difficult for dust, mildew, and mold to be present. When your air contains too much moisture that air can become part of a health issue because of its pollutants. When large amounts of moisture have been present in your home for an extended period of time it is possible that mold has begun to grow. Once mold is present it becomes difficult to remove because of its ability to spread quickly. Dehumidifiers Also Serve as an odor eliminator, they even help
This Is How A Dehumidifier Works
It’s pretty simple actually. It takes all the air in your home, removes the moisture, and then pushes the less humid air back throughout your home. The dehumidifier collects any moisture in the air and stores it in a container and the container is emptied out when full. Depending on what model you are using, you may have a hose that you can run directly into a water drain. Those units take the work out of having to empty out the dehumidifier container.
Picking out the right dehumidifier:
  • Many things to consider when picking out a dehumidifier are capacity, performance, and room location.
  • Small-capacity: These are portable units and are ideal for a small damp room.
  • Large capacity: These are also portable, and they can be used in large damp rooms.
  • Whole-house dehumidifier: This is built into a home’s air conditioning system. These are ideal for a small- or medium-size wet or damp house.

Whole House Humidifier 

We can install a Whole House Humidifier system too. Heating & Cooling system are nicely paired with this system.

Living In A Desert
Most homes powered by a gas heating system have a humidity level of 10% or less. the longer you have your heater on high heat the dryer the air inside your home will become. that dry air is what will dry out your throat your nose and your skin. The dryness can’t even begin to affect hardwood floors and other wooden furniture.
Things you will experience less of with a whole house humidifier:
  • Static electricity
  • Dry skin
  • Sore, dry throat
  • Cracks in wood furniture, floors, cabinets and paint
  • Damage to musical instruments (pianos, guitars, violins)
  • Peeling wallpaper
Those are some of the common symptoms you will find inside a home where the air is too dry. Whether it be an air conditioning system or air filtration system to remove particles they fail to address the humidity. a humidifier is required to solve problems related to try air. By putting moisture back into the air you will have an overall higher quality of air.

Where Room Air Humidifiers Lack
Room air humidifiers can work for a single room. When you purchase a room air humidifier you must make sure that it is adequate for the room size where it’s placed. too much moisture and you will have mold or mildew and too little will result in little effect. Since the air in your home is always circulating, the air that is being humidified will be diluted once it has mixed with air from other parts of the home.

In order to have a balanced quality of air throughout your home it is best to have a whole house humidifier. The humidistat will measure humidity similar to how I thermostat measures the temperature. A humidistat works by controlling the flow of water to your whole house humidifier, it also means you don’t have to feel the humidifier with water.

Air Filtration

It’s important to filter the air in your home. Having a Air Filtration system in your home insures you will be breathing air free of pollutants.

Keeping The Air In Your Home Safe For Your Family
Do you see specks of dust when sunlight comes in your home? Most heaters and air conditioners have some air filtration but are not meant to clean the air. So what exactly is in the air? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that the air in your home can be up to 5 times less healthy than the air outside.
Some factors to keep in mind:
  • The average home creates more than 40 pounds of dust each year.
  • Each ounce of dust contains about 40,000 dust mites, one of the most common household allergens.
  • As many as 72 trillion allergens find their way into your home every day.
  • About 45% of homes in the United States have one or more people with asthma or allergies.
  • Children are especially sensitive to airborne allergens because they inhale 50% more air per pound of body weight than adults.
  • Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemical compounds, many of which are strong irritants.
  • If your heating and air conditioning system doesn’t have effective air filtration, it makes contamination worse by circulating suspended particulates instead of trapping them

Air Duct Analysis & Cleaning

Keeping your Air Clean and free of pollutants promotes a healthier environment for you and your family. Call and ask about out Air Duct services.

Air Duct Analysis, Replacement & Cleaning
Dust particles enter your home from outside and from inside from cooking, cleaning, pet dander, and a variety of other ways.
Learn what’s in your ducts with an Air Duct Analysis
With an analysis we can look for any biological growth, dirt, dust and any other debris that maybe in your air conditioning and heating system. are HVAC technician can show you these contaminants. the affected areas in your air duct can be cleaned but often are recommended to be replaced and properly sealed.
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