Electrical Panels

The electrical panels core purpose is to control how the electricity in your home circulates.

It is not very common but it has been reported that electrical panels have sometimes caused fires. If your home has an outdated electrical panel a inspection is recommended.
When a Electrical Panel Upgrade is needed
Electrical Panels (breaker boxes) get old and eventually operate insufficiently. As technology advances the demand for more power becomes higher. Many homes have Electrical Panels that are not designed to handle modern technology. 100 amp panels should be upgraded to 150 or 200 amp panels for the demand of these newer technologies. Having a breaker box that is not properly equipped to handle the load of the circuit can be unsafe and a serious concern.
Replacement costs for an Electrical Panel
Replacing an electric panel will always Cost Less in comparison to the damage that a faulty breaker box can cause. Signs that you need an upgrade can be the breaker box tripping, a strong odor, noticing the lights flicker, and rust or corrosion around the box. These signs indicate that a replacement is necessary and should be performed soon. Call Triple take services to send a electrician how to service your electrical panel.


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